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General Incorporated Association, NOTE

Our Company

Based in Hyogo Prefecture we provide rural development aimed at improving the quality of life and economic wellbeing of people living in relatively isolated and sparsely populated areas in Japan. Rural development has traditionally centered on the exploitation of land-intensive natural resources such as agriculture and forestry.

However, changes in global production networks and increased urbanization have altered the character of rural areas. We at NOTE protect the ancient heritage by renovating old houses to attract more tourists and to bring businesses into the rural area while improving the general quality of life.

Our Company

Company name NOTE .inc (General Incorporated Association,)
Address 191, Kuroka, Sasayama-shi, Hyogo, 669-2321, Japan
Phone +81-79?552?7373
Officers Yukio Konno
Takeshi Fujiwara
Toshinobu Imoto
Hiroaki Kogita
Staff 71
Establishment February 26, 2009
Main business ・designated management business of civic center
・designated management business of history facility
・Sasayama commissioned business
・empty house Utilization Project
・Slow Food business
・Tourism business of living

Our Work

In Sasayama city, there are many privately owned abandoned houses. This is due to the fact that it is expensive to maintain and renovate them; using original 200 year old construction methods. At NOTE, we raise funds from the city to renovate old houses and “sub-lease” the spaces to business owners such as cooks, baristas, artists and craftsmen. The rent form these sub lettings helps to pay the cost of renovation. The contact for each rental is for 10 years with the properties being returned to the owners completely renovated and habitable at the conclusion of the lease. This innovative process brings businesses into the rural area from the city, increases the numbers of tourists, and encourages young people to stay.

Our Missions

NOTE will contribute to the creation of a society that embraces both heritage and culture examples are as follows.

  • We will renovate Sasayama’s castle town (or so-called jokamachi) and old houses in keeping with ancient traditions at the same time enabling them to be utilized for residential, stores and restaurants purposes.
  • We will maintain the landscapes, farmland villages and woodlands in order to protect agriculture and organic farming.

NOTE renovates old and vacant houses to maximize the use of the property.

  • Everyone knows that the older houses are, the more valuable they are to the community and society. NOTE has a variety of links with skilled architects, artisans, plasterers and thatchers working hard using traditional skills.
  • We have regulatory systems to secure priceless historical buildings making the best use of the space whilst taking care to follow planning guidelines.

NOTE supports community-based urban development.

  • Agriculture in Sasayama takes advantage of the efficient supply-chains within the city, based on the structure of the villagesユ self-governance and councils whilst securing the local community and culture.
  • We believe such self-governance and council helps the locals produce specialty items by taking advantage of their own resources, creating specialist products and products for tourists.

NOTE helps rebuilding the new SATOYAMA.

  • Satoyama is particularly popular for its organic tea, chestnuts, persimmons, mushrooms and herbs and flowers. The city also produces quality firewood, charcoal, and pellet.
  • Humanity and wildlife have coexisted in Sasayama for over 1500 years and this harmony must be protected.
    (NB No violent incidents involving wild animals have been reported.)

NOTE helps the local businesses to expand.

  • With our IT and design divisions, we are able to build strong business models in order to publicize the local brand and to increase the sale of their products.
  • Because we already have a strong relationship of supply channels both on the internet and by direct sales, we have a proven track record of launching new products and reaching a wide variety of customers.
  • There are a lot of local restaurants (Japanese, French, Italian, Chinese, etc.) and local cafes: Anyone who visits there will be able to soak up the friendly, local atmosphere and enjoy Sasayama even better.

NOTE values the “tourism that relaxes your mind and body”.

  • We have renovated quite a few the old houses, something that you won’t find in many other cities, and you can experience the traditional way of living in Sasayama.
  • Throughout our eco-friendly tour programs, you can get a ヤhands onユ experience of the beautiful nature, history, culture and art.
  • We have a strong ties with other communities, and we work together to deliver a quality experience for all the tourists from Japan and all over the world in order to help them learn about our culture and history.